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FAQ - Find a Club

Are you interested in joining an investment club?
Don't have time to start your own?
Want to learn from the experts who are doing it themselves?

Unfortunately, we are not able to pass on the names of investment clubs due to The Data Protection Act. The vast majority of clubs insist on preserving their anonymity. This is because their membership usually comprises friends, relatives and colleagues - people who have already known each other for some time.

They are sometimes wary about introducing strangers into their groups, particularly as money is involved. It might be possible to enter an existing group where you know someone who is already in that club and they can introduce you to the group and vouch for you.

However, a recent survey of clubs indicated that over a quarter of clubs would like to welcome new members to the fold. So, to start the ball rolling we've started to play match-maker and have created a new Club Connections section to our website. Post an ad, find a club that's looking for new members, and even meet other individuals who are ready to start a brand new club!

The very best way of becoming involved in the movement is to start a club of your own. While this may seem fairly daunting at first, we emphasise that this is not, repeat not, a difficult process.
ProShare produces an Investment Club Manual, which covers every conceivable aspect of starting and running a club. It makes the whole process as easy as possible and there’s a ProShare Helpline to assist with any teething troubles.

In the meantime we recommend that your order your copy of the ProShare Investment Clubs Manual so that you're ready to hit the ground running when you find the club that's right for you.