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FAQ - Re-registration

Q. I don't know everybody's address and telephone details - what do I do?
A. It is important to enter correct details for each member of your club. As a temporary solution you may enter your own address and telephone details, but you will need to go back and edit at a later date.

Q. The member list that you show is not accurate, but I can't add or delete members right now - what do I do?
A. Carry on with the re-registration process. You will be able to edit your records later to reflect your current membership.

Q. Why do I have to provide an email address?
A. This is our primary method of communicating with clubs, and the way in which we provide you with login details. We will not release your email address to third parties, and you may choose not to receive alerts or email reminders from us.

Q. What if a member doesn't have an email address, or I don't know theirs?
A. If a member does not have an email address or you do not know it please leave this blank. We will email your club's administrator with a list of login details for each member who does not have an email address. For members that do have an email address, we will send this information to them directly.

Q. Why do I have to tell you my income?
A. You don't - feel free not to complete this field.

Q. I'm trying to add a new member, but need to fill in their username and password. I don't know what these are - what do I do now?
A. You will need to create a unique username and password for each new member. Their first initial followed by their surname is usually appropriate for the username. Feel free to create any password you wish.

Q. What do you mean by Admin user?
A. The Admin user for your club has access to edit your club's portfolio, view other members' login details, and edit other member's details. All other club members can view the portfolio in read only format and amend only their personal details. You are welcome to have as many Admin users as you wish and need a minimum of one. Simply check the Admin user box beside the name of each person whom the club has decided should have full access. If you have accidentally checked the box, click on it again to remove the Admin user status.

Q. What do you mean by liason officer?
A. The liason officer is the contact person for each club. From time to time we may send information in the mail or call clubs. The liason officer should be the person who best represents the club and can pass on information to the rest of the members. You may only select one liason officer per club.