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Resources For Investment Research

Having made your decision to make your savings work harder and now having a desire to become a more effective investor and, after much careful thought, having decided on the type of investments you feel comfortable with and which matches your risk profile, you are ready to proceed. You are ready to start your research, but where do you start on that journey into selecting your investment, monitoring their progress and even conducting your trading activities.

The Internet has arrived as THE primary information source for the general public. In no area has there probably been greater provision of different information services than for investment. The World Wide Web is without doubt the major reason why you, the private investor, are getting close to, if not on, the same information and trading position as the professionals.

Sound too good to be true? Well in one sense it is. Such has been the growth in access to the Internet that you may get lost in the sheer volume of available information sites and not readily find the one that is right for your investment profile. Equally, such has been the growth, and such is the competitive position on the Internet, that today's great site maybe gone tomorrow.

Gone, either because it has been acquired by a new company recognising its strengths, or gone because it has folded because it has run out of the initial financing and is not able to raise more monies to keep going. In the former case, the Internet address will probably still contain links to take you to the new address. In the latter, it is a case of thanks for your help; sorry it did not work out for you, and goodbye!

Which sites should I use for my information?

Many of the Internet sites specialising on investment appear to provide a full range of different facilities so suit all types of investor and all types of investment management activity. However, take care. The “one-stop shop approach” whilst appearing attractive in providing a single “favourite” site to link to may not always provide the best answer for each aspect of your needs.

So faced with this apparent wealth of opportunities, where do you begin? First ask yourself what is it I really need most from my Internet services? Once you are clear on this you are in a much better position to then decide on where to go for the services you need.

Remember too that whilst much of the Internet access is still free, increasingly much can only be obtained after you register for the site. This may not be too much of a practical issue, but can leave you open to ‘spam', the flood of adverts you receive as pop-up's on the screen or as email messages. Increasingly, the more timely, and dare we say it, valuable information can only be obtained through premium sites following payment of a monthly or annual subscription. However, if the information is going to give you an advantage, then this may be a small price to pay for gaining that advantage.

The following table sets out many of the UK investor sites available. As have tried to indicate to you, this is a continually moving area. This list is not comprehensive and no doubt your researches of the web will reveal others that you find of value for your investment style and risk profile.

Company / Service

Website address

Nature of site contents

General Information & News Services


Site specialising in private investment and personal finance matters


Site also specialising in private investment and personal finance matters


Site specialising in private investment, with strong emphasis on company data and news and opinions

Motley Fool

UK version of US site offering news and data on stock exchanged listed companies and targeted at private investors


Site with share price and financial information on UK companies

Research Services

Digital Look

Site featuring research summaries and news reports on UK companies

REFS Online

Means to access the daily updated online version of the popular Company REFS analytical service

News Services

AFX News

Financial news site


Financial and investment news service


News and investment opinion site with coverage of collective investment and fund manager activities


Financial and business news service

Investment & F inancial Magazines

Investors Chronicle

Official site of the weekly magazine

Shares magazine

Official site of the weekly magazine

Money Observer

Official site of the monthly magazine


Official site of the monthly magazine

What Investment

Official site of the monthly magazine

Personal Finance Magazine

Official site of the monthly magazine

Financial Newspapers

Financial Times

Onsite version of the financial newspaper, with links to other related sites targeted at private investors and personal finance

The Times / Sunday Times

Online version of newspapers

Daily & Sunday Telegraph

Online version of newspapers

The Independent

Online version of newspapers

The Guardian & The Observer

Online version of newspapers

This Is Money

Online version of Daily Mail financial pages covering investment and personal finance issues

Technical Analysis & Portfolio Management


Online technical analysis and portfolio management and accounting service targeted at private investors


Online technical analysis and portfolio management and accounting service targeted at private

Regulatory & Advisory Services

London Stock Exchange

Official site of the main London Stock Market

Financial Services Authority

Official site of the main UK investment and personal finance regulator


The main supporter of UK private investors and share clubs official site

OFEX Exchange

Official site for the OFEX market

Internet Service Providers

Yahoo Finance

Financial news and search service

Fundamental Financial Information Services


Source of company annual reports and accounts

Online Tip Sheets

Michael Walters

Investment newsletter

Online Stockbrokers

Norwich & Peterborough Sharedealing Service

Online stockbroker

Man Financial

Online Contract For Differences (CFD) trading site

Fast Trade

Online stockbroker

Charles Schwab

Online stockbroker


Online stockbroker


Online stockbroker

IFX Markets

Site for trading in CFDs and spread betting services


Online stockbroker


Online stockbroker


Online stockbroker

TD Waterhouse

Online stockbroker


Online stockbroker

Hargreaves Lansdown

Online stockbroker


Online stockbroker

Halifax Share Express

Online stockbroker

DLJ Direct

Online stockbroker

Barclays Stockbrokers

Online stockbroker

Davy Stockbrokers

Online stockbroker

Direct Sharedeal

Online stockbroker

Goy Harris Cartwright

Online stockbroker

HSBC Stockbrokers

Online stockbroker

James Brearley

Online stockbroker

Killik & Co

Online stockbroker

NatWest Stockbrokers

Online stockbroker

Nothing Ventured

Online stockbroker

Hoodless Brennan

Online stockbroker

Saga Shares Direct

Online stockbroker

Share Centre FASTRACK

Online stockbroker

Share price information on most of the above sites will generally be delayed for at least 15 minutes before it is released for you to see. In a volatile market that can seem a long wait, but in the overall life of your investment it should not conflict with your reasons for making that investment decision. Generally, the delay is a commercial one. Online, immediate share prices cost a lot of money. After 15 minutes, the Stock Exchange, who supply the feeds to the information and media companies, do not require onward subscription fees from you, the end user of this data. You get this data effectively free of charge as compensation for the 15 minute delay. Surely not a bad deal for an investor, even if not as attractive for an active day trader.

Although the above web sites are primarily supplied and maintained by commercial organisations, remember if you have a specific company that you are interested in investing in, then most listed and AIM companies have their own company web sites. Many of these have sections specifically identified as shareholder relations areas, providing copies of news stories, Annual and Interim Reports and latest share price information. Even if you can not identify specific investor information, these sites are still worth a visit as a means of identifying what the company does and the markets it is trying to attract.