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Case Study - Fyg Leaf Investment Club

Started in July 2000, the Fyg Leaf Investment Club (short for Fenland Yoga Girls Learn Everything About Finance) formed from a group of ladies who meet weekly for a yoga class. Meetings are fun and everyone gets involved. The club came about because the group discovered a collective interest in learning about investing in the Stock Market. So that all 8 members learn something from the investment club and play an active role, each member has been given a job to do. The monthly meetings are lively, social and informative and are held over a dinner that each member contributes to.

Shared Research

Everyone is involved in researching shares and the club uses a variety of sources including national newspapers, digital TV channels, magazines, annual reports, and the Internet (including which provides daily email updates on selected shares).

Democratic Decisions

The club operates a democratic voting system when selecting which shares to purchase. There is a rolling sub-committee of two members, which changes each month, and this committee carries out further research before investment decisions are made. A stop loss policy has recently been introduced and this helps the club to minimise losses through careful monitoring.

The Fyg Leaf's Portfolio

The club's portfolio has had a bumpy ride since the start. Putting this down to volatile markets, the ladies are taking a long-term view. Having burnt their fingers on tech stocks, they now only buy in markets they understand and often favour local or small companies.

In the Media

The Fyg Leafs featured on the BBC Working Lunch with a live video link to the studio. They have been mentioned in two local newspapers and have also been interviewed by BBC Radio Cambridge.

Social Activities

The members attribute the success of their club to the fact that they have all known each other for a long time. They get on well as a group and find time to get together for social activities.

They have already organised a club bike ride around Rutland Water and a short break in Cornwall. This year they are planning a visit to a local company that is a possible investment choice and to attend the AGM of one of their current holdings.

On a more ambitious level, the club is planning a trip to Australia to visit their former yoga teacher who has since emigrated!