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Case Study - Optimists Investment Club

Since starting almost three years ago, this group of ladies from Londonderry are still as successful as ever. The club is well supported by all members and a sensible approach to investing encourages full participation. Careful research making full use of newspapers, magazines, television channels and the internet, is combined with a good social side to make this one of ProShare's most successful clubs.

The Monthly Meetings

Club meetings take place regularly at the White Horse Hotel with almost 100% attendance each month. The club describes its meetings as "lively affairs" with plenty of discussion about which shares to buy.

The Optimist's Portfolio

The club's portfolio is balanced and diverse and the club is showing a healthy profit. Their holdings have experienced a slight downturn over the last year, but the club attributes this to the fall in the IT sector. The Optimists recently lost money on stocks although members have not let this spoil the fun they get from their club.

Club Recognition

The club makes an invaluable contribution to promoting the growth of investment clubs and was named Investment Club of the Year at the ProShare Investment Club 2000 Awards in February 2001. Solid investment performance, commitment to programmes educating others about investment clubs and helping other clubs get established were several of the reasons why this club won the award.

Under the Spotlight

In the last three years, the Optimists have been featured in newspaper and magazine articles as well as organising a seminar in their local area with expert guest speakers.

The club goes out and about giving talks to newly formed clubs, emphasising the fun element of being part of a club. They stress that investment decisions should be made on a democratic basis and that subscriptions should be set at a level affordable by everyone.