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Running your Meetings Successfully
  • The key is the chairperson. He or she is there to make sure things run smoothly and that everyone has a good time. So, while there must be a set agenda and a structure to the meeting, it has to be a relaxed affair.

  • Start off by making sure all members have their preferred refreshment – tea, beer, whatever – so they are not fidgeting until drinks are served.

  • Get rid of the formal business – chairman's remarks, last meeting's minutes, secretary and treasurer's reports – as quickly and efficiently as possible. If there are questions or points of order make sure they're relevant and that comments are to the point.

  • Consider the existing portfolio first. Have a set routine where each share's ‘champion' reports on the current situation and gives a personal recommendation to hold, sell or add. Then take a vote on each one.

  • Allow most time for discussion on new investments. Make sure (a) all candidate shares conform to the club's investment criteria and (b) all members understand exactly what the company does and what they are being asked to vote on.

  • Give all members a chance to have a say and gently persuade the quiet ones to express an opinion.

  • If discussions get heated and opinions are totally opposed, pour oil on troubled waters. Above all, resolve these problems in a democratic way there and then, rather than letting matters fester.