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Message Board

We are delighted to introduce our new Message Board, a forum for club members to exchange tips, ideas, strategies and solutions for running a successful investment club. Learn from club guru Terry Bond and other experienced clubbers who have been investing together for up to 20 years. The collective experience of 100,000 club members in 12,000 clubs across the UK is a powerful force - use it well!

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Pitfalls For Your Club to Avoid

Regulatory Bodies

Running your Meetings Successfully

What to do When the Market Falls

Where to Find Financial Information

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Club Services

Running a club on your own can be hard work if you don't know where to turn. With the help of Proshare Investment Clubs, we can help get you all the information you need.

Here are a list of stockbrokers that offer services especially for investment clubs.

Here are the banks that provide services geared towards investment clubs.

Regulatory Bodies:
Here are some of the important regulatory and industry bodies you can turn to

We have a list of software products that are geared towards investment clubs and also some of those that can help the general investor.

Proshare Investment Clubs Library
The Proshare Investment Library.

Club Connections
Advertise your club, find new members or look here if you want to find a club or start one with similar minded people.

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