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ABC Guide to Starting a Club

A - Ask your friends
Mention to two or three friends the idea of pooling a few pounds each month to invest in the stockmarket. You'll find your enthusiasm is infectious and they will be rarin' to go. Things will snowball from there.

B - Buy the ProShare Investment Clubs Manual
This is the essential reference for all clubs - both new and established - to ensure that they are run correctly and efficiently. The ProShare Investment Clubs Manual is the investment club bible and tells you everything you need to know about starting and running a successful club. The vast majority of the 12,000 clubs in the UK swear by this guide.

C - Contact us to register your club
Visit to register your club's details and join the National Register of Investment Clubs. Registration is entirely free, and provides access to all of the products, services and events that ProShare Investment Clubs has on offer. You will be able to track your portfolio online, research your investments and browse our information library. Not to mention the chance to win thousands of pounds for your club each year at exclusive ProShare Investment Clubs competitions.