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Why Register ?

Why not? Registration is entirely free and provides access to a host of great products, services and events. Register your club details with Proshare Clubs now to get these exclusive benefits:
  • Join the official National Register of Investment Clubs in the UK.
  • Get important advice for your club on how to handle forthcoming FSA and Inland Revenue changes that directly affect your club.
  • Get access to a comprehensive range of share price data and company/market news, updated throughtout the day.
  • Use a wide variety of exclusive investment research tools for your club and its members.
  • Free entry to the annual ProShare Investment Club Awards - a huge event where thousands of pounds of prize money is handed out .
  • Free entry to the monthly FTSE Flyer competition where you'll have the chance to win 1000 .
  • Exclusive Club Only offers including heavily discounted books, manuals & toolkits.
So what are you waiting for? Register your club and start enjoying the benefits that thousands of other clubs have discovered.