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Why Invest In the Stock Market?

Investment in company shares is proven to be a most lucrative form of investment provided it is done over time and with care and knowledge. ProShare Investment Clubs does not encourage people to put all their savings into the stock market...

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Why Start A Club?

Straight off the top of your head you can think of a dozen reasons for starting an investment club. Here are just a few...

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ABC Guide To Starting A Club

Ask your friends. Mention to two or three friends the idea of pooling a few pounds each month to invest in the stockmarket. You'll find your enthusiasm is infectious and they will be rarin' to go. Things will snowball from there....

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Case Studies

Case Study - Fyg Leaf Investment Club.

Case Study - Sunnybank Investments.

Case Study - Optimists Investment Club

Proshare Clubs Library

Use the Proshare Clubs library as a resource to find out the facts on topics such as 'What to do when the market falls' and 'Where to find financial information'.

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The Manual

Dear Customer

Thank you for your interest in the ProShare clubs manual. We are currently out of stock so are unable to process your order at this time.

We apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Even before you organise your exploratory meeting, the very first thing to do is to buy The ProShare Investment Clubs Manual.

The Manual is essential for the successful formation and operation of an investment club.

It is a complete guide to setting up and running a club. Its contents have stood the test of time and are based on the experiences of clubs on both sides of the Atlantic. It is invaluable when setting your club up and will be very useful as a reference tool throughout your club's life.

No other publication or guide in the UK offers you the contents of this Manual. It contains details on:

The preliminary discussions and inaugural meeting

Draft club rules and constitution (also contained on disk)

Choosing the club officials and what the jobs entail

Setting the regular subscription

Admitting new members and what to do when they leave

Keeping club accounts and details of software to help

Registering investments and dealing with stockbrokers